Freedom’s CCTV systems can record in HD or 4k real time, with a smart phone App for easy connect-ability and with ‘on site’ or ‘off site’ video recording.

Freedom Fire & Security are HIK Vision Partners, committed to offering all  customers, quality, reliability & value.

Specialising in the design, installation, maintenance & repair of CCTV systems for commercial and residential properties.

Freedom provide a  range of CCTV systems that can be tailored to suit every environment.

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We stock all types cameras, fixed lense cameras, Pan Tilt Zoom cameras, ANPR cameras, Thermal cameras and fish-eye cameras. Each camera can be chosen to perform specialist tasks


Remote Monitoring is the key to rapid response, and a rapid response is the key to protecting your premises 365 days per year. During evenings and weekends, the Control Centre can take control of monitoring your business premises providing a cost effective alternative to Manned Guarding out of hours.

Recording & Viewing Options

Selecting the most suitable option for your system is essential, and should be a balance of desired quality, features and coverage, as well as the overall budget. Our range NVRs support motion triggered, continuous recording, local viewing on monitors and viewing over a network using smart phones, Tablets and PCs. 

Oculi - For areas with no power and using Mobile connectivity  

OCULi is a product range of  battery powered wireless PIR motion sensors which have integrated colour/monochrome cameras and infrared illuminators. These products prove rapid visual verification of alarm events using the mobile phone 3G network. A dedicated cloud server and web portal provides a full monitoring system as well as an easy way to set up and control the detectors. Alarms and alerts are sent to the OCULi mobile phone app as Push Notifications as an alternative means of monitoring.