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Knowing your business is protected in the scenario an intruder is on your property, allows you to breathe a sigh of relief as out intruder alarm monitoring service helps keep you secure and protected 24/7. An intruder alarm can function as a monitoring system, where it sends a signal directly to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), no matter the time of day. At the ARC, a designated operator will follow a predetermined response plan. Some businesses are obligated to report alarm activations to the Police. Additionally, most insurance companies require commercial establishments to have their alarm systems monitored by an approved alarm receiving centre. When the alarm is triggered, certain events are set in motion:

When triggered, a complete alarm condition is activated either immediately or after a specified delay, with a siren being emitted and strobe lighting. The alarm signal is transmitted through the signaling device to the ARC,

Upon receiving the alarm signal, the operator at the ARC will adhere to an agreed response plan and contact the designated Keyholders or police as required, depending on the system in place.

Freedom work with BT Redcare and CSL Dualcom to provide the best quality fire and security alarm signaling systems in the UK. With decades of experience, they are suppliers you can trust whilst providing alarms that are effective, reliable and simple to maintain.

By choosing one of our monitoring solutions, you are ensuring that you are fully protected and compliant.

Solutions Freedom Provide


Our 24/7 remote alarm monitoring station, or ARC, collaborates with leading alarm signaling device providers such as BT Redcare and CSL. In the event of a fire or intruder alarm activation, our professional team is poised to respond promptly, conducting thorough investigations and coordinating an appropriate reaction. Following an alarm trigger, G4S engages with nominated keyholders, deploys a mobile security response team, and in certain situations, liaises with emergency services. This comprehensive approach ensures a swift and efficient repsonse to alarm events, enhancing the overall security and safety measures for our clients.

CSL Dualcom 

The GradeShift Pro 2 stands out as a dual path alarm signalling solution, employing a combination of two radio paths or one radio and one LAN path for increased reliability. The DigiAir Pro 3 offers a single path alarm signaling solution, utilising either a 4G radio path or a LAN path. Meanwhile, the MiniAir2 is a single path alarm signaling solution that utilises a 4G/ LTE-M path, complemented by a standby SIM, making it an ideal mobile upgrade for digital communicators. Each device provides distinct capabilities, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to suit various security needs in today’s dynamic landscape.

BT Redcare 

The Essential IP provides straightforward alarm signaling, offering the option of an IP upgrade at a minimal cost. The Essential model offers affordable wireless alarm signaling, while the Essential Extra, with dual path signaling supported by two 4G SIMs, provides enhanced security and fire protection. The Advanced version offers dual path signaling suitable for medium risk sites, with the flexibility for future upgrades. For even faster dual path signaling at every risk level, there’s the Advanced Extra. The Ultimate system stands out as the most responsive, featuring private IP and resilient 4G signaling for an uncompromised connection.  

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