Public Address System

Public Address / Voice Alarm (PA/VA)

Powerful, crystal clear sound for any venue or emergency

Public address and voice alarm systems serve the purpose of conveying clear spoken messages, whether for urgent evacuations or routine communication. Such messages minimise the potential for panic compared to using alarms and sirens.

Ensuring effective communication under all circumstances is paramount. Top quality public address and voice evacuation setups are indispensable for addressing security and safety concerns. For optimal performance, these systems need to excel in reliability and functionality.

In critical situations, a clear voice is of utmost importance. The significance of voice alarms is well established, as people respond more favourably to voice messages than to mere sounds during emergencies. These voice alarm systems extend beyond emergencies, finding utility in diverse situations for vital announcements.

Voice alarm systems are indispensable in both public settings and for businesses, delivering vital information during crises and aiding orderly evacuations. Our voice alarm systems offer scalability and reliability, while maximising cost savings by utilising minimal power.

Through partnerships with leading manufacturers like Honeywell Gent we offer an extensive range of voice alarms and wall sounders to meet your exact needs.

Case Studies

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Fire Alarm & Aspirating System for Global Warehousing & Storage

Controlled access management

Controlled access management for the NHS

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