With over 30 years of experience, Paxton is a technology company with a global outlook. They design and manufacture a range of intelligent security systems for buildings.  

Access control offers a secure, convenient, and flexible way of controlling who has access to your building and when that access is allowed. Unlike locks and keys, access control can offer you more functionality integrating with other systems like CCTV, fire, and intruder alarms for a complete solution.  

Their range of wireless door handles are designed with security built in and can be installed by themselves or as part of a wider solution to offer you more flexbility. The electronic handles communicate wirelessly, reducing cabling and making them straightforward to fit an existing door, saving installation time.  

Door entry allows the user to validate a visitor at their entry panel before they grant them access via their internal monitor. Paxton’s door entry system comprises of three simple components, external panel, door control unit and internal monitor. Door entry systems can provide a great addition to an existing access control system or be used standalone.  

Video surveillance provides increased site security with a visual overview of what is happening at your premises. A camera system can offer an increased sense of security and reassurance that your premises are protected. In the case of an attempted breach, video footage will provide you with evidence and possible identification. 


Solutions Freedom Provide

Net2 Entry  

When seamlessly integrated into the Net2 access control system, Paxton entry panels provide users with versatile access options, allowing entry through the use of tokens, PINs, or codes. Users gain an added layer of security as they identify visitors through video or audio monitors before deciding to grant access through the external door. The flexibility of the entry panels is evident with multiple mounting options available, including flush mount and surface mount, ensuring adaptability to various architectural and environmental needs. This integration of access control and monitoring features makes the Paxton system a robust and user-friendly solution.

Roll Call 

The Paxton Connect app for Net2 provides a valuable roll call feature, allowing users to be marked as safe or missing. This feature enables the viewing of users' last known positions, including their last recorded movement on the access control system and their current locations. The app further enhances communication efficiency by offering options to call users directly, facilitating quick and responsive communication during critical situations. Additionally, the ability to view a user's stored image on the system proves advantageous for verifying identities swiftly and accurately during emergencies, contributing to an overall comprehensive and effective emergency response system.

Paxton 10 

Management of up to 100 sites from a single server, offering a simple and cost-effective approach to multi-site management. It seamlessly combines access control and video management, streamlining the overall management of site security. Fully compatible with PaxLock wireless door handles and entry panels, allowing for a cohesive integration of access control features. The system provides precise control over building access, coupled with robust surveillance capabilities, all within the same platform. The Paxton Connect app facilitates remote management of multiple sites, while the Paxton key app, serves as a convenient alternative to keys for gaining access.


Centralised monitoring and management capabilities for enhanced security. The Net2 software, known for its ease of installation and user-friendly interface, forms the backbone of this system. Paxton ensures flexibility in site management through the Paxton Connect app, allowing remote access to the system. With Net2 eliminating the need for traditional keys, security is modernised and streamlined. The inclusion of PaxLock wireless door handles, along with a range of keypads, readers, and entry panels, allows for a comprehensive and customisable networked solution. Paxton's approach integrates user-friendly software with advanced hardware, offering a seamless access control system suitable for various environments.

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