Hikvision is a leading technology provider specialising in video technology.

With a highly skilled R&D team, Hikvision offers a full suite of products for various industries including security, smart home tech, industrial automation and more.

Their products provide powerful business intelligence for more efficient operations and commercial success.  

Committed to providing a broad range of physical security products, including video security, access control, and alarm systems. Their integrated security solutions, powered by AI technology, support new applications for safety management and business intelligence.  


Solutions Freedom Provide

Hikvision Video Intercom  

The IP video intercom stands out with its high-quality HD video, mobile app functionality, and interoperability with video security and alarm systems. Offering not only excellent image quality but also integration with video security systems, this range includes additional features like mobile app management. Users can engage with visitors, receive calls, check live feeds, and remotely unlock doors from anywhere using the Hik-Connect App. This series proves particularly advantageous for seamless upgrades from older intercom systems, utilising fewer wires and reusing existing ones for a quick, cost-effective installation.

Facial Recognition 

This facial recognition solution, offers a sophisticated and versatile system. Operators can efficiently search for a person of interest by selecting specific physical descriptors, clothing, gender, and more. Hikvision's system navigates through extensive hours of video footage to pinpoint individuals matching the searched criteria. Beyond facial recognition, the same technology extends to locate specific vehicles, adding a layer of flexibility to its applications. This comprehensive solution is utilitised in various scenarios, including employee recognition, identity confirmation, access restriction, identifying intruders, and more. The facial recognition system provides an effective and multi-functional tool for diverse security and operational needs.

People Counting  

A people counting system allows for the continuous monitoring of individuals entering or leaving a building , providing valuable insights for immediate action, service enhancement planning, and improved operational efficiency. Particularly beneficial in retail environments, this technology aids in queue management, and ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience. Furthermore, in bustling environments, the system proves instrumental in keeping a vigilant eye on the crowd density, issuing alerts when a business environment reaches its threshold for the maximum number of people within the building. This proactive approach facilitates a well-informed management strategy, balancing crowd control with optimal customer service.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) 

ANPR cameras provide seamless reading of vehicle number plates, regardless of weather conditions or speed of vehicles. In addition to capturing number plates, these cameras record vehicle features such as color, make, and model. This comprehensive solution finds diverse applications including the reduction of traffic violations, identification of stolen vehicles and effective parking management. The ANPR system processes number plates, converting them into alphanumeric characters in less than a second. These are then cross-referenced with a database of registered vehicles, enabling the system to trigger appropriate actions, such as raising a barrier or sounding an alarm, contributing to enhanced security.

Thermal Imaging 

Widely employed in perimeter protection for spaces like warehouses, petrol stations, and battery storage facilities, thermal cameras play a crucial role in safeguarding various environments. Beyond security, these cameras are instrumental in large-area fire protection, in wildlife parks, national forests, and farms. The utility of thermal cameras extends further to detecting fire risks, identifying potential defects in machinery and electrical systems, and surveying areas that are challenging to assess through traditional means due to factors like location, adverse weather conditions, or inadequate lighting. Thermal cameras provide a comprehensive and reliable solution for enhancing safety and surveillance across diverse settings.


A cutting-edge system utilising AI algorithms to accurately detect real security threats. Specifically designed for select HikVision cameras and recorders, AcuSense distinguishes between humans and vehicles, significantly minimising false alarms triggered by factors such as animals, heavy rain, or other mothing objects. This advanced technology serves as a comprehensive solution for detecting intruders in both residential and commercial properties, effectively reducing security threats within restricted areas. AcuSense enabled devices contribute to the monitoring and prevention of crime within businesses, providing a reliable and efficient means of enhancing overall security and threat detection capabilities.

ColourVu Technology 

Hikvision introduces the innovative ColourVu technology, offering high quality, colour video capture around the clock, ensuring the security of people and properties even during nighttime with the same clarity as in daylight. This cutting-edge system excels in capturing intricate details in low lighting conditions, thanks to state-of-the-art image processing and super high reliability. The hardware, equipped with resolution capabilties up to 4K, represents the pinnacle of technology, deliverying exceptional image quality and enhancing surveillance effectiveness. Hikvision’s ColourVu stands as a sophisticated solution, providing advanced video capabilites for comprehensive security and surveillance needs.

CCTV cameras 

Ensure your site is always protected and monitored with our range of CCTV cameras available from Hikvision, Avigilon and Dahua to meet your exact needs. Whether it's a turret, PTZ, dome, wide angle, bullet or fisheye camera, our team will work with you to discuss the exact needs of your site and ensure that you have the best CCTV systems that work with your business.

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