Pyronix is an industry-leading provider of security systems, excelling in manufacturing electronic security equipment for residential, commercial, and industrial applications in the field of intruder alarms.

Founded in 1986, Pyronix has established itself as a pioneer in the market. Now a part of the Hikvision group, they design a diverse range of cutting-edge solutions, from cloud solutions to wireless intruder alarms, detectors, sensors, remote keypads and much more, incorporating exclusive technologies developed by their in-house research and development team.  

Their numerous patented technologies have received various awards for their innovative approach and commitment to quality. With a strong emphasis on innovation and excellence, their relentless dedication to product research and development, along with a culture of innovation, keeps them ahead of the competition. This has enabled them to offer an extensive range of award-winning wired, hybrid, and wireless systems that cater to the security needs of residential and commercial projects.  

Reliability, quality, innovation and exceptional customer service are the core principles that drive everything Pyronix does and have contributed to their achievements. 


Solutions Freedom Provide

Winter Security  

Layer up your security during the cold, dark Winter months where intruders can take the advantage of more opportunities as night falls. From Pyronix’s car defender- an innovative solution to reduce vehicle theft detection by offering a secure and visual deterrent. The Pyronix security system can also be integrated with DoorbellCam, LightCamera and BatteryCam to easily capture images and footage of your property throughout the day and most importantly, at night.

Remote Access (Apps) 

Our range of solutions for remote access to intruder alarm systems empowers users with convenient control, enabling management from any location. This capability allows users to stay connected and in command, keeping a vigilant eye on events and images through the comprehensive history log. With the flexibility to set and unset various alarms within their business or property remotely, our offerings enhance both security and convenience. This user-friendly remote access ensures that individuals can effectively monitor and manage their intruder alarm system, providing peace of mind and efficient control over security measures, even when away from the premises.

Wireless System 

Opting for a wireless system presents distinct advantages, primarily the simplified installation process compared to wired counterparts. The unintrusive nature of wireless installations eliminates the need to disrupt spaces by avoiding tasks such as ripping up floorboards for cabling, making it a more convenient option. The flexibility of wireless systems also proves to be cost effective, as they can be easily adapted and reconfigured to accommodate changing needs without the constraints of physical wiring. This ease of installation and adaptability positions wireless systems as a practical, efficient choice for those seeking a streamlined and versatile solution for their security needs.

Wired System 

A wired intruder alarm system stands out for its reliability, providing a steadfast connection that minimises the risk of false alarms. This type of system offers a durable and long-lasting solution, requiring less maintenance compared to some wireless alternatives. The wired infrastructure ensures consistent and stable communication, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the intruder alarm system while also reducing the likelihood of disruptions. With a focus on reliability and durability, a wired intruder alarm system proves to be a practical and low maintenance choice for robust security solutions.

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