Honeywell Gent

Honeywell Gent

Freedom Fire & Security are proud to be approved 'system' integrators and installers of Honeywell Gent. Honeywell Gent provides innovative fire safety solutions for your peace of mind.

With their manufacturing heritage dating back to the 1930s, Gent offers unparalleled choice and control over fire safety systems through their expert network across the UK.  

Their fire and life safety systems save lives and protect property by alerting people to risks and guiding them to safety. They also offer sustainable building solutions that reduce environmental impact and support occupant well-being, helping customers achieve carbon neutrality goals.  

Honeywell Gent offers a comprehensive selection of products to construct a robust fire safety system to meet your needs. These systems seamlessly integrate with other leading fire alarm systems and devices, assuring compatibility and flexibility. This makes Gent an adaptable and versatile choice, whether you’re undertaking new installations or upgrading existing systems. 


Solutions Freedom Provide

Li-Ion Tamer

An innovative safety solution specifically designed for lithium-iron batteries, Li-Ion Tamer serves as a crucial tool in mitigating the risks associated with off gas events and fires. This system incorporates advanced battery sensors and gas detection technology, offering the earliest possible warning of battery cell failure- up to 30 minutes in advance. By providing such early warnings, Li-Ion Tamer significantly enhances the safety protocols for lithium-ion battery systems, minimising the potential for adverse events and ensuring a proactive response to potential issues, thus contributing to a safer operating environment.

Aspirating Smoke Detection

The Vesda unit represents a cutting-edge solution for early smoke detection, particularly suited for large buildings and high-risk settings such as hangers, warehouses, cold storage, and factories. Employing fans, the unit extracts air samples from the designated area through a network of sampling pipes. The sampled air undergoes filtration and analysis for smoke particles, enabling the unit to detect the presence of smoke even before it becomes visible to humans. This advanced technology offers a proactive approach to fire detection, providing an early warning system crucial for the safety of occupants and the protection of assets in challenging environments.

Anti-Ligature Device 

The Gent Addressable Device stands as a ceiling mounted detector base, offering heightened safety measures for vulnerable and high-risk individuals. Tailored for applications in accommodations catering to high-risk populations, hospitals, and mental health facilities, this device is seamlessly compatible with the S Quad range of detectors. Its design incorporates an anti-tamper lip, strategically implemented to prevent the storage of contraband, further enhancing the security and integrity of the system. This solution reflects a commitment to address the specific needs of environments catering to high-risk individuals, providing a robust and tailored approach to fire detection and safety.

Self-Test Detector  

Honeywell introduces an innovative approach to fire detection with its EN-approved to fire detective with its EN-approved detector, pioneering a self testing capability using actual smoke and heat. This simulated smoke is directed from the detection chamber through entry points into the room, mimicking conditions of a genuine fire test. Crucially, the CLSS app is employed to test both the heat and optical sensors. This detector is especially well suited for locations where accessibility poses challenges, such as lift shafts, vulnerable or sensitive rooms, and locked spaces, providing a technologically advanced solution to enhance fire detection efficiency.

Conventional System 

Single legs of fire rated cable extend from the main panel to individual zones within a premises. These cable legs function as either a zone, incorporating detectors and call points, or as a sounder circuit. Adhering to the BS5839 British fire alarm standards, the premises are divided physical area for fire localisation purposes. Upon activation, the panel indicates which zone or circuit has been triggered. While conventional systems of this nature are cost effective and user friendly, their inability to pinpoint exact devices makes them most suitable for smaller buildings where comprehensive device identification is not as critical.

Addressable System 

This fire detection system utilises cutting edge technology to accurately pinpoint the location of a fire. All components within the system, including heat and smoke detectors, call points, and sounders, are seamlessly interconnected, fostering constant communication. Through digital signals, these devices share crucial information with the main control panel, such as device location and status enabling the control panel to precisely identify the activated device. This significantly reduces response time during fire emergencies.. Designed with scalability in mind, this system is particularly well-suited for large commercial properties, hospitals, schools and other environments where swift and accurate fire detection is paramount. 

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