Ziton, a highly reputable company and a global leader in fire detection system design and manufacturing, boasts over 50 years of experience.

Their primary goal is to safeguard life and property in commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings of various sizes.  

Empowered by Ziton products, you can detect fires and respond effectively, whether you manage a single office or multiple locations. Some of the renowned products they offer include fire bells, sounders, interface modules and more.  

Ziton’s deep expertise and proven track record in customer-focused product innovation have earned them a premier position in the European market and widespread international respect.  

Their entire product range enables you to detect fires and respond promptly with confidence. Each product is manufactured with the utmost quality, ensuring excellence, and peace of mind knowing that your premises and its occupants are in safe hands. 


Solutions Freedom Provide

Addressable System 

This fire detection system utilises cutting edge technology to accurately pinpoint the location of a fire. All components within the system, including heat and smoke detectors, call points, and sounders, are seamlessly interconnected, fostering constant communication. Through digital signals, these devices share crucial information with the main control panel, such as device location and status enabling the control panel to precisely identify the activated device. This significantly reduces response time during fire emergencies.. Designed with scalability in mind, this system is particularly well-suited for large commercial properties, hospitals, schools and other environments where swift and accurate fire detection is paramount. 

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