Kentec Electronics Ltd

Kentec Electronics Ltd

Kentec is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of fire alarm control panels. Their expertise in control panel technology allows them to provide custom built products to meet specific customer specifications.  

Kentec is a fully integrated, globally renowned manufacturer in the fire industry with a century of experience. They take pride in designing and manufacturing all their extinguishant and fire detection panels in Kent, England. Recognised for their extinguishant panels and award-winning analogue addressable fire detection systems. They have recently introduced wireless fire detection systems to their product lineup.  

They understand the importance of fire safety in protecting people, buildings, and assets. They provide reliable and responsive fire systems that can quickly detect and suppress fires. Acting swiftly can minimise damage to equipment, assets, and operational productivity.  

Whether you are after analogue devices for fire detection, conventional fire detection, or extinguishant control panels, Kentec has you covered. They are committed to meeting the specific needs of individual businesses and industries and have gained a global reputation which has led to their systems being installed on numerous prestigious sites around the world. 


Solutions Freedom Provide

Conventional System 

Single legs of fire rated cable extend from the main panel to individual zones within a premises. These cable legs function as either a zone, incorporating detectors and call points, or as a sounder circuit. Adhering to the BS5839 British fire alarm standards, the premises are divided physical area for fire localisation purposes. Upon activation, the panel indicates which zone or circuit has been triggered. While conventional systems of this nature are cost effective and user friendly, their inability to pinpoint exact devices makes them most suitable for smaller buildings where comprehensive device identification is not as critical.

Addressable System 

This fire detection system utilises cutting edge technology to accurately pinpoint the location of a fire. All components within the system, including heat and smoke detectors, call points, and sounders, are seamlessly interconnected, fostering constant communication. Through digital signals, these devices share crucial information with the main control panel, such as device location and status enabling the control panel to precisely identify the activated device. This significantly reduces response time during fire emergencies.. Designed with scalability in mind, this system is particularly well-suited for large commercial properties, hospitals, schools and other environments where swift and accurate fire detection is paramount. 

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