Hochiki has been a leader in designing and producing top of the range life safety solutions for over a century. Their commercial and industrial fire detection and emergency lighting products are globally recognised for their high integrity and long-term reliability.  

With a rich history, the Hochiki brand has become synonymous with quality and reliability, leading to the installation of their devices in prestigious projects worldwide.  

Hochiki is dedicated to enhancing life safety and continuously invests in research and development, rigorous testing, and efficient manufacturing procedures. Their specialist engineers conduct essential research on fire properties and develop innovative products and software. Testing takes place in a state-of-the-art fire test laboratory, ensuring optimal performance of all Hochiki products.  

Fire Alarms- Hochiki is one of the world’s leading fire alarm manufacturers and their products have a reputation for being long lasting and reliable. No matter the building or property type, there is a Hochiki product to suit your needs.  

Fire Detectors - All workplaces must have some level of fire detection and warning in place. Hochiki offers a wide range of detectors from heat and smoke to flame, carbon monoxide and much more. The quality of the detectors and level of accuracy is second to none and can play a vital role in the security of your business. 

Call points – Call points are an important element of fire security and are the fastest most efficient way of raising an alarm in cases of emergency. Having high quality call points in the best locations can help make all the difference when an evacuation has to take place. 

Alarm Panels -The central element to a fire alarm system, the alarm panels connect to all other devices such as detectors, call points and sounders, providing power to all and ensuring information is relayed correctly to help determine effectively whether there is a fire and activate warnings as soon as possible. 

Wall sounders - These essential safety devices are designed to alert the occupants of your premises in an event of an emergency such as a fire. Their sole purpose is to get people’s attention and start evacuation procedures. 

Relays - Hochiki's relays are a switch that sits between the fire control panel and the power source that locks doors. These devices can unlock selected doors to ensure a smooth and safe evacuation process. 


Solutions Freedom Provide

Conventional System 

Single legs of fire rated cable extend from the main panel to individual zones within a premises. These cable legs function as either a zone, incorporating detectors and call points, or as a sounder circuit. Adhering to the BS5839 British fire alarm standards, the premises are divided physical area for fire localisation purposes. Upon activation, the panel indicates which zone or circuit has been triggered. While conventional systems of this nature are cost effective and user friendly, their inability to pinpoint exact devices makes them most suitable for smaller buildings where comprehensive device identification is not as critical.

Addressable System 

This fire detection system utilises cutting edge technology to accurately pinpoint the location of a fire. All components within the system, including heat and smoke detectors, call points, and sounders, are seamlessly interconnected, fostering constant communication. Through digital signals, these devices share crucial information with the main control panel, such as device location and status enabling the control panel to precisely identify the activated device. This significantly reduces response time during fire emergencies.. Designed with scalability in mind, this system is particularly well-suited for large commercial properties, hospitals, schools and other environments where swift and accurate fire detection is paramount. 

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