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Freedom Fire & Security are proud to be approved installers of Britannia. Britannia Fire continuously innovates to provide protection solutions that are safe, sustainable and durable.

Britannia Fire continuously innovates to provide protection solutions that are safe, sustainable and durable. With a guarantee for the best and safest options tailored to your needs.

Their P50 fire extinguisher is a greener, lighter, safer, and stronger alternative, designed for long-lasting performance. As a UK manufacturer since 1970, Britannia prioritises safety and sustainability while simplifying fire safety for our customers. Their fire extinguishers adhere to top industry standards and their values revolve around handcrafted excellence and originality.  

Their revolutionary extinguisher has a 10-year operational corrosion guarantee and only requires a manufacturer’s overhaul every 10 years, making it simple and convenient to maintain. Also, due to their unique design, all P50 extinguishers are lightweight, recyclable and corrosion-free, making them extremely durable and perfect for both indoor and outdoor locations.

Brittania Fire holds a British patent and strives to save lives and the environment through constant innovation. Choose Britannia Fire for UK made quality, innovation and a rich heritage in fire extinguisher manufacturing. 


Solutions Freedom Provide

Fire Extinguisher Replacement 

In the unfortunate event of a fire outbreak requiring the use of a fire extinguisher, Freedom takes swift action to faciliate a replacement. Collaborating closely with the manufacturer, Brittania Fire, we ensure minimal disruption to the site while arranging for a new extinguisher. Notably, for P50 extinguishers covered under warranty, Brittania Fire offers a free refill service, providing cost savings. Demonstrating our commitment to fire safety, in cases where the customer might be temporarily without an extinguisher during the refill process, we proactively organise the delivery of a spare extinguisher to the site, ensuring continuous safety measures are in place.

Fire Extinguishers on Vehicles 

Freedom prioritizes enhancing fire safety, and extending our commitment to road safety. We recently provided Tanvic Tyres with Britannia Fire P50 Fire Extinguishers, offering a durable solution. P50s deliver cost and time savings, requiring service only once a decade, and eliminating yearly maintenance costs. This prevents vehicle downtime during servicing, ensuring operational efficiency. The corrosion-resistant P50 excels in harsh conditions, assuring reliable performance in any environment. Choosing our Fire Extinguisher solution is an investment in your fleet’s long-term safety and efficiency. We are proud to offer this to businesses like Tanvic Tyres, guaranteeing unmatched performance and peace of mind.

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