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Freedom Fire & Security are proud to be Approved Installers of Abloy UK.   Abloy UK is the leading expert in high-quality door locking and functionality in the country, with a heritage of producing the most trusted access control hardware.

Abloy UK offers a range of digital access control solutions to cater to your varied needs. These solutions ensure robust, flexible, scalable, user-friendly and compliant security that controls people’s movement in different types of building. Their extensive product portfolio includes their  CLIQ and Incedo systems, which can be combined to create fully customised access control solutions. 


Solutions Freedom Provide

Digital Keys 

An advanced digital key solution designed to mitigate security breaches resulting from lost or misplaced keys. With remote access management, each lock and key on the system can be meticulously controlled, allowing allocation and restriction of access for different locations and users . Protec2 combines the strengths of mechanical locking and electronic locks, enabling keys to operate both ABLOY mechanical and CLIQ electronic locks seamlessly, eliminating the need for a complete overhaul when transitioning to electronic locks. In the event of key loss, the CLIQ Web Manager allows for the immediate removal of access rights associated with that key.

Wireless Locking  

A seamless and cost-effective solution for upgrading standard doors by utilising a range of battery-powered locking devices. These devices wirelessly connect to the access control system, eliminating the need for complex and expensive installations typically associated with traditional access control doors. Aperio's electronic wireless locking devices are equipped with integrated RFID card readers, supporting both card and mobile credentials. The wireless installation feature eliminates the necessity for drilling, simplifying the upgrade process. Aperio offers the flexibility of both online and offline access control systems, providing a versatile and convenient solution for enhancing security and access management across various environments.

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