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HFP Fire System

The HFP System from Hochiki Europe offers complete solutions for all of your fire detection requirements.

The HFP System from Hochiki Europe is an extremely versatile, complete life safety system which offers a simple yet dependable solution for all of your fire detection requirements.

With Intelligent (analogue addressable) and Conventional systems available for commercial and industrial applications, we also have a range of products for specialised environments, including aspirating (high sensitivity), voice evacuation and hybrid wireless capabilities.

For especially demanding environments, we can offer industrial, explosion-proof, SIL2 approved and marine products which have been designed especially for these challenging applications.

Key Components of HFP

The HFP system provides you with a robust protocol, reliable devices and user friendly panels which collectively create a complete solution for any fire detection requirement.

Main Features of the HFP System

Fully Compliant

Compliant to world recognised standards such as LPCB and VdS.

Premium Quality

Hochiki endeavour’s to create high quality products to ensure long term reliability and performance

Simple Installation

Simple installation, integration and therefore cost minimisation is achieved through special bases integrated on the same set of cables.

False Alarm Reduction

Driven with world proven, open protocol system. The high performance chamber allows for adjustable sensitivity settings.

Open Protocol

The open protocol systems allows for increased choice and flexibility when designing the system.

Reduced Cost of Ownership

Using a number of special bases, through integrating detection and evacuation devices on the same set of cables, the lowest costs of installation and ownership are achieved.

Addressable and Conventional Ranges

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Intelligent Fire Alarm Devices
There are numerous analogue devices compatible with the HFP System, giving you all the benefits of Hochiki’s Enhanced Systems Protocol. ESP is a robust open protocol supported by a number of leading control panel manufacturers and therefore allows choice without compromising on security. Hochiki have also extended the usable address range from 128 to 254 which can reduce installation time and minimise costs.
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Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panels (Analogue Addressable)
The HFP AP Range OF Fire Alarm Control Panels based on the Kentec Electronics world proven design are incredibly efficient and completely user friendly. The panels are extremely versatile allowing you to choose devices from a number of ranges and featuring an intuitive menu structure augmented by a simple to use user interface. There is also an extensive range of peripheral devices making the system flexible.
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Conventional Devices
Many of the CDX Conventional Devices are also compatible with the HFP System. Allowing you to choose from an even larger range of detectors, beacons and sounders. Crucially the CDX range offers you products for the most challenging environments.
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Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panels
The HFP CP range of Fire Alarm Control Panels, based upon Kentec Electronics world proven design offer simple to use interfaces with robust design operation. With a choice of zone capability partnered with a range of repeater panels the HFP CP Range delivers flexibility, reliability and ease of install. Also includes a selection of Extinguishant Release Panels and Peripherals.
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