MX Pro 4

MxPro 4 is a world proven fire panel. Built on Advanced’s well established Mx-4000 platform, it’s a fire system installed in 100,000s of locations world wide, from single panel, single loop installations to large networks.

The precursor to the MxPro 5, it offers uncomplicated operation as standard and can be expanded with a huge range of peripherals and accessories to meet most needs and configurations.

MxPro 4 utilises a simplified version of our Dynamix Tools fire system software allowing easy set up and management.

MX Pro 5

It is the result of decades of fire alarm and detection experience and a research and development involving installers, specifiers, consultants and end users across the world.

MxPro 5 has been designed to offer more power and performance in a user-friendly enclosure. It packs more configuration, display, status and control options into its interface as standard than any other Advanced fire panel, which means less time and expense customising a system with peripherals.


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