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DualCom Alarm Signalling

Our simple and reliable DualCom alarm signalling products are powered by the Gemini Global platform which enables the safe delivery of alarms and data from the premises to the Alarm Receiving Centre.

DualCom’s solutions, platform and partnerships with Mobile Network Operators worldwide allow us to provide complete end-to-end connectivity services for Security, Fire, Telecare and other mission critical M2M/IoT applications. Whether it’s SIM only, satellite, DSL, or multi-path we will deliver the best combination for your connectivity requirements. 

DualCom Pro

DualCom Pro offers installers easier, faster installation of professional signalling systems with even greater resilience. Available as a single path Radio option (DigiAir Pro) or dual Radio/Radio or LAN/Radio (Gradeshift Pro). Each DualCom Pro variant utilises 4G Roaming World SIMs and is compatible with CSL Live.

GradeShift Pro

GradeShift Pro Radio/Radio uses two active 4G WorldSIMs, one as the primary and one as the secondary path. Each SIM operartes on an independant network from the other and their own radio module for total resilience.

GradeShift Pro LAN/Radio uses LAN connectivity for its primary path and a 4G WorldSIM as its secondary path. A standby WorldSIM is also supplied.

DigiAir Pro

DigiAir Pro Radio uses a 4G WorldSIM to send its signal. Every DigiAir Pro is supplied with a network diverse standby WorldSIM to safeguard your system. Signals will be sent via this standby SIM, should the primary SIM lose its connection.

Emizon TCD

The Emizon TCD provides secure, dual path alarm signalling for intruder, fire and CCTV systems. It utilises a combination of IP, GPRS or LTE paths and is ideal for upgrading sites to IP in commercial or domestic premises for any grade of risk. 

CSL Connected

In partnership with the industrys leading manufacturers, CSL Connected combines Critical Connectivity with your chosen alarm panel and the added option of an end-user app. This offers installers professioanlly monitored signalling designed to discourage self-monitored systems that bypass Alarm Receiving Centres.


DualCom MiniAir utilises all mobile networks via our WorldSIM to signal an alarm from then protected premises to a smartphone, alerting a keyholder. It is designed for residential premises as an affordable upgrade for bells-only systems as it fits into any existing or legacy control panel.


SmartAccess is a developed service which provides an automatic password which removes the reliance on managers to physically check identity and grant access at the door. SmartAcess uses an app or text message to provide secure, controlled and audited access to any door equipped with an electronic release mechanism.