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The DarkfighterX

Most security incidents happen at night, with some cameras having no way of capturing crucial evidence against suspects. Freedom’s partner Hikvision have developed the Darkfighter X to combat this problem, with its innovative dual-sensor design. One sensor is used for the Infrared imaging while the other for visible light, guaranteeing vivid colour reproduction. These two sensors ultimately create a bright, coloured image. The Darkfighter X has technology that has unbeatable brightness and colour in the lowest of lighting.

Key DarkFighterX features

High-resolution, full-colour video imaging at night
at up to 0.0005 Lux. (With black-and-white imaging possible at 0 Lux.)

Deep learning and smart event detection features
such as smart event detection, automated perimeter intrusion alerts, and more.

High-resolution, long-range video imaging capabilities
with a 35x optical zoom capability that allows a 1-meter object to be displayed at 250 pixels resolution at a distance of 260 meters, which is clear enough to identify it easily.

Automated rain wiper and defog capabilities
to ensure effective incident detection in poor weather conditions.

Rapid focus and image capture
to ensure that criminals and criminal activity can be captured quickly on video.


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