Early Fire Detection in Cold Storage

Early Fire Detection in Cold Storage

Saputo Dairy UK, a prominent dairy manufacturer and distributor known for household brands such as Cathedral City and Vitalite required a solution for fire detection within their cold storage.
Nuneaton, England

Project Overview

Saputo Dairy UK, a prominent dairy manufacturer and distributor known for household brands such as Cathedral City and Vitalite required a solution for fire detection within their cold storage. Freedom Fire & Security were approached by Derry Ltd with a critical need – installing an effective Fire Detection System that would trigger at the earliest possible moment for Saputo. Due to the environment within the cold storage areas, the task was far from straightforward.

Several unique challenges presented themselves that traditional fire detection systems would struggle to handle effectively. There was a constant risk of moisture entering the detection units, a concern exacerbated by the temperatures. Adding to the challenge was the possibility of detection points being obstructed by ice. Perhaps the most pressing issue was the risk of production downtime caused by false alarms, a common occurrence in cold storage facilities. The leading causes of fires in such environments include electrical distribution problems, issues with lighting equipment, transport equipment failures, maintenance operations involving hot work, and even potential arson incidents. Addressing these issues effectively was paramount.

What Services Did We Offer

Freedom rose to the challenge by providing Saputo Dairy UK with a comprehensive solution. The solution centrepiece was the installation of the VESDA Aspirating System, known for its unparalleled sensitivity and reliability in detecting even the slightest traces of smoke particles. This system was specifically chosen for its ability to activate at the earliest signs of a fire, precisely what Saputo Dairy UK needed to safeguard its operations.

In addition to the VESDA Aspirating System, we incorporated several vital elements into our solution to address the unique challenges of the cold storage environment. Aspirating pipe was installed outside the cold storage area, above ceiling level, to prevent freezing and ensure the system's uninterrupted functionality, even in extreme temperatures. Specific sampling points were strategically placed on the undersides of the ceiling to minimise the risk of blockages caused by ice, resulting in consistent and accurate detection. Lastly, moisture traps were installed adjacent to the detector to counter the risk of moisture entering the Aspirating Detector, providing additional protection against environmental factors.

The Outcome

The collaborative efforts between Freedom Fire & Security and Derry Ltd resulted in a highly successful project. Coupled with the state-of-the-art VESDA Aspirating System and the carefully designed additional features, we successfully addressed the unique challenges posed by the cold storage environment.

With the innovative solution, our client achieved its goal of early fire detection, reducing the risk of fire-related incidents, protecting their valuable assets, and minimising production downtime. The system's ability to differentiate between real threats and false alarms enhanced the facility's operational efficiency.

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