24 Hour Access Control at Gusto House

When Gusto Group set out to establish their new headquarters, they realised they needed a solution that seamlessly grants round-the-clock access to the building's hot desk office, without compromising security.
Collingham, Newark, England

Project Overview

When Gusto Group set out to establish their new headquarters in Collingham, Newark, England, they faced a unique and multifaceted challenge. At the heart of their operational requirements was a sophisticated access control system capable of effectively managing access to their 24-hour accessible hot desk office.

During regular working hours, the hot desk reception area was staffed, ensuring smooth access control through manual oversight. However, as part of their innovative approach to office management, Gusto Group aimed to extend the convenience of hot desking to a 24/7 schedule. This posed a challenge, as maintaining staff presence around the clock could have been more practical and cost-effective. They needed a solution that seamlessly grants access to the building's hot desk office without compromising security or resorting to traditional proximity fobs or cards.

What Services Did We Offer

To address Gusto Group's specific needs, Freedom Fire & Security Maintenance Ltd proposed the implementation of the Paxton10 Access Control System. This advanced system offered the perfect blend of security and convenience required for a 24-hour hot desk office.

The Paxton10 Access Control System is renowned for its reliability and versatility. It allows for remote management through cloud-based software, providing Gusto Group with the necessary flexibility and control. The key innovation, however, was the integration of proximity readers with Bluetooth technology. This feature enabled users to gain access using their smart devices, such as phones and watches, eliminating the need for traditional proximity fobs or cards.

The Outcome

The Paxton10 system allowed for the efficient management of access. During working hours, the hot desk receptionist could oversee access manually. However, during unmanned hours, the system was configured to grant access to authorised individuals automatically. With the cloud-based software, the access control system became remotely manageable. This meant that even when the office was unmanned, authorised personnel could remotely grant access to visitors or employees, adding a layer of security and convenience.

Freedom Fire & Security's implementation of the Paxton10 Access Control System at Gusto Group's new headquarters exemplified how innovative technology could solve complex access control challenges. By seamlessly blending security, convenience, and remote management, the solution not only met but exceeded the expectations of Gusto Group, offering them the peace of mind and operational efficiency they sought in their 24-hour hot desk office.

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