Gent Introduces Revolutionary Self-Testing Fire Detector 

Gent, a pioneer in fire detection solutions, has set a new standard in the industry by releasing the first EN-approved fire detector capable of self-testing using genuine smoke and heat.

This groundbreaking advancement is set to revolutionize fire detection systems, offering unparalleled efficiency and reliability.

The key to this cutting-edge technology lies in the internal heat-sensing thermistor, which is heated to generate real smoke. A small built-in fan then disperses the smoke from the detection chamber, simulating a realistic fire test. This mechanism ensures that the smoke entry points on the detector remain unblocked, guaranteeing optimal functionality.

The heat and optical sensors undergo evaluation using the CLSS app to streamline the testing process. This advanced self-testing mechanism ensures the detector's reliability and significantly reduces service time, contributing to more efficient maintenance routines.

The Gent Self-Test Detector is designed with practicality in mind and is particularly suited for locations where traditional access may pose challenges, such as lift shafts, sensitive rooms, or secured areas. This breakthrough in fire detection technology provides a solution for scenarios where ease of access is traditionally an obstacle.

For further information about the Self-Test Detector, head to the Gent website.

Gent's commitment to pushing the boundaries of fire safety technology underscores the industry's continuous efforts to enhance safety standards and provide innovative solutions for a safer tomorrow.

Head to our News page to find out about further industry advancements.

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