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Thermal Imaging

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Thermal Imaging is has many advantages within its usage. The reproduction of images while using Thermal Imaging is not affected by the any lighting conditions. Unlike other cameras, Thermal Imaging cameras are much less impacted by weather conditions than most others so that they can work in virtually any environment at any given time.

Any object with a temperature above zero will emit a detectable amount of radiation. Taking advantage of temperature differences, thermal cameras make invisible radiation, visible, in the form of heat zones.

Covering Security, Thermography, and Commercial Vision, our Thermal Cameras guarantee layered situational awareness across a range of scenarios such as perimeter protection, temperature measurement, and fire detection. They “see” from extended distances under virtually any light or weather condition, distinguishing people and vehicles from other objects with Deep Learning capabilities. Augmented with visible light imaging and visualized metadata, Hikvision Thermal Cameras are the ideal choice for enhanced awareness of events and emergencies 24/7.

Our Thermal Cameras have the following advantages

Advanced detector

All products utilize an advanced detector where the NETD is less than 40 mK, with some products’ NETD even less than 35 mK.

Proprietary imaging effects

With 16 years of experience in imaging technologies, Hikvision’s proprietary AGC, DDE, and 3D DNR technologies have been uniquely developed to provide great advantages in imaging effects.

Self-protection mechanisms

Our thermal products boast proven capabilities to work in harsh environments (-40° C to 60° C), with self-protective temperature controls with intelligent heating/cooling adjustment to prevent freezing and fog during non-stop, year-round operation.

Stable long-distance transmission

Normal cameras can only withstand a ±10% voltage fluctuation. Hikvision Thermal Cameras are specially designed to adapt to situations with up to ±20% voltage fluctuation and 5% packet loss.

Easy positioning for the visible-light module

For most bi-spectrum products, accurate positioning for the visible-light module is very difficult, requiring constant manual adjustment. Hikvision’s optical & thermal PTZ cameras, however, are equipped with an axis adjustment technology that ensures both thermal and visible imaging maintain precisely the same view. When the thermal module detects anomalies, the visible-light module can automatically locate and track relevant details.

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