Nimbus Fire

Fire Alarm Management and Reporting System. 

Nimbus is a non-intrusive add-on to a fire alarm communicating all activity to a cloud hosted database. Activity is recorded to an infinite log. Users access Nimbus through any desktop or mobile internet connection.

Nimbus Mobile

Fire Alarm Compliance.

Nimbus Mobile is a fire alarm service engineer's test logger. Nimbus Mobile communicates and records fire alarm commissioning and service activity to Nimbus

Nimbus Engineer

Fire Alarm Service and Auditing. Nimbus Engineer is an Android application that works with Nimbus and Nimbus Mobile, verifying device data and recording the engineers’ notes whilst testing.

Nimbus Notify

Receive Event Notifications. 

Nimbus Notify is a mobile (Android and iPhone) application that presents Nimbus events as notifications. Receive fire alarms directly on your mobile.

Nimbus Weekly Test

Perform Scheduled Testing. 

Nimbus Weekly Test is an android application that notifies a user of a pending ‘fire alarm weekly test’ with specific instructions of which Manual Call Points (MCPs) should be tested.

Nimbus Smart Phone

Locked Smart Phone with preloaded Nimbus Apps. Nimbus Smart Phone provides the 3 Nimbus Applications; Notify, Engineer & Weekly Test preloaded and secured on an easy to use platform.

Nimbus Control Room Monitor

Announce & Display Nimbus Events to a  Control Room Operator.

Control Room Monitor is a PC Windows application presenting Nimbus events to an operator for action.

Nimbus Intruder

Intruder Alarm Management System.

Nimbus is a non-intrusive add-on to an intruder alarm control panel communicating all activity to a cloud hosted database. Nimbus records the activity to an infinite log.

Nimbus Digital Inputs

Digital Input Management System.

Nimbus monitors and logs digital inputs from any device that produces a volt-free contact state.

Telemetry Interface

Converts Real-Time CCTV Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) Telemetry Commands from one format to another. Providing a cost effective route to extending the life of legacy CCTV equipment and creating compatibility between different products.

Bespoke Development

Meeting your requirments. LAN Control Systems has a dedicated team of technical engineers with the necessary skills to design, develop and produce high performance quality products. We are able to produce products in any volume.