NEXUS is a battery powered, wireless critical alert system.

The units are fully portable, wire free, and can be rapidly deployed
for fire alert and lockdown situations.

When one NEXUS unit is activated, all units within range that are on the same site will also be activated.

The NEXUS system boasts a robust 1km line of sight transmission range between units and a long battery life of up to 3 years, with a maximum of 64 units operating on one site.

Each unit acts as a repeater to form an advanced wireless mesh network, allowing for up to 16 mesh hops between units; this gives the NEXUS system a maximum range of up to 16km.

Each site requires at least one master unit, which is fitted with a manual reset key. Resetting the master unit will reset the system post-activation, however, the initially triggered unit will continue to flash until it is manually reset.

NEXUS units can either enunciate a bespoke message or sound a simple alert, alongside a visual flashing beacon light. The decibel level of the enunciated message or alert sound can be adjusted to suit the environment.







Nexus Wireless Lockdown

The NEXUS Lockdown system is

designed to give a clear alert

in the event of an activation

Ideal for schools/college/


Nexus Wireless Fire 

The NEXUS Fire Alert system is ideal

for temporary or evolving sites,

i.e. construction and utility sites