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SIM-900x478-2200-VR120-series The Videx VX2200 digital system is the most “versatile” system in the range, because it is flexible enough to cater for a variety of installations: from 1 way systems to larger systems that include a maximum of 1000 apartments. This system uses a two wire common bus for audio installations and 6 wires for audio / video installations. Outdoor stations can be selected from the 4000 Series, 8000 Series, VRDigital and VR120 Series. Traditional speaker units are available with functional to digital interfaces allowing call buttons for each flat or digital panels for larger systems. Digital panels can also work as an access control devices allowing 1000 individual codes (1 code per apartment), while the new 4212 digital panels have an inbuilt proximity reader for local use allowing one or more proximity keys per apartment, or by using the wiegand output the reader can be connected to Portal Plus or a thrid party controller. Other features include intructions on how to use the system via an internal speech board (a voice guidance helps you with the operation), or on display messages. The programming of these digital panels can be done both through their keypad and through a PC (using programming software and cable). Indoor units can be selected from a large range of intercoms and videophones for the VX2200 digital system, including the 900, 3000, 5000, 3600, 6000 and Kristallo Series. The system is continually expanding and updating, among the new units is a 7″ full colour active matrix LCD Handsfree video monitor. A full range of accessories is is vailable for the system including digital concierge, extension sounders, Bus relays and block exchange devices.