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Videx Intercoms

Videx are one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of door entry & access control products in the UK.
Videx offer solutions for a vast range of applications where door entry and access control are required. Our systems are widely used in private housing, social housing, public buildings and commercial applications.
Videx Systems in the Private Housing sector

Private Housing

Videx have manufactured and supplied a range of door entry and access control systems for private residential properties for many years now. Often in private housing the appearance of the equipment is as important as its functionality and the Videx range is designed to complement the interior design of the properties in which it is installed. The Videx range is a popular choice for private houses due to elegant design combined with the added security measures it provides.

Whether that’s GSM based intercoms that call your landline or mobile phone or colour video intercoms within your property with proximity or fingerprint access control at the main entrance the Videx range of products are flexible enough to meet your individual requirements and taste.

Intercoms for Social Housing

Social Housing

Access control is a critical aspect of social housing security, especially given that a lot of social housing consists of shared buildings.

Our experience of working across a large number of social housing residential developments, where a constant flow of visitors need access to different locations within the building on a 24/7 basis, means that we understand that social housing access control management is a complex issue that needs to be managed carefully and comply fully with key legislation.

We have good working relationships with a large number of local housing authorities across the UK and liaise closely with them to provide appropriate door entry solutions that meet their individual and specific requirements.

Systems being provided for Public buildings like Hospitals

Public Buildings

Access control management is a key security aspect for public buildings where those entering and exiting a public building, such as a hospital or school may differ at any one time and whose authorised access rights vary greatly. It is therefore vital that access control is managed appropriately and effectively.

Given our experience in this sector, we understand the specialist often complex door entry requirements of public buildings and can manufacture and supply appropriate access control systems that, as well as meeting the entry and exit requirements, adhere to key legislation and building regulations.

We provide Videx Systems for Commercial Buildings

Commercial / Industrial

Whether it’s access control provision for a large block of commercial offices or a secure door entry solution that meets specific regulation criteria for an industrial development such as a water treatment site or self-storage depot, we can help.

We work with a number of businesses and organisations within the commercial and industrial sector, manufacturing and supplying a range of door entry systems that meet their very specific and often complex requirements.

Our next generation GSM intercom system for example has major use in these industries, where remote communication is essential and there’s a condition for door entry systems that have minimal wiring requirements but unlimited communication distances.

Whatever your requirement, we will work with you to create an access control solution that satisfies your needs.




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