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HikCentral Enterprise

HikCentral Enterprise is a central management platform that integrates and links security information by unifying video surveillance, access control and other systems. The interactive mapping function enables intuitive management of alarm inputs and outputs, cameras, hot regions, and historical alarm searching.

Unified Resource Management

Unifies data management of personnel information and security zones. Data is shared among systems, guaranteeing product integration.

Perfect Operation Management

Provides one-stop service including system installation, operations and management. Using the management center, users can determine the status of the software in real-time and conveniently locate and troubleshoot problems, guranteeing normal operation of the system.

Elastic Expansion of Business

Its modular design supports horizontal component expansion. Users can easily add another component on the same plaform to meet requirements of increasingly complex projects while keeping costs under control.

Unified Interaction Design 

Ensures a highly consistent visual and operational experience via an undified UI design and interactive logic. The user interface is designed accroding to the perspective of users and application scenarios.

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