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Domestic Home Solutions For You

Domestic Home Solutions

Security for your Domestic home is paramount. Keeping you, your family and your belongings safe and secure is of upmost importance to us. Our hybrid and wireless solutions will cater for any installation type. Combined with high-tech detectors and sensors, and smartphone connectivity from anywhere in the world, you even when you aren’t at home.

The Perfect Solution

Our scalable solutions mean that we can be confident that we have the solution for you. Our wide range of detectors and sensors have been designed with multiple applications in mind. So whether you have a pet, a long corridor, or doors and windows to secure; our systems can cater for it.

We also offer a number of life safety devices which can be added to your security system. These include carbon monoxide sensors, smoke sensors, and water leak sensors.

Should you also have the requirement for a hold-up or panic button, then we also supply this to protect you and your family.

Our wide range of external sirens also offer an instant visual deterrent to an potential intruder. Research suggests that intruders typically target properties which don’t have external signs of intrusion systems, so this can be the perfect way to ward off potential intruders.

Not only that, but all this can be connected and accessed from anywhere in the world using the ProControl+ App, a simple and convenient way to access your property and check the system status from anywhere in the world.

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