2-Button Panic Keyfob

The 2-Button Panic Keyfob  is designed for personal emergency situations to signal a panic alarm in the event of distress when the victim is unable to reach another communication device. The 2-Button Panic Keyfob  is designed to prevent false panic alarms by requiring that both buttons be depressed simultaneously in order to send out an alarm. The keyfob includes a handy belt-clip or it can be attached to a keyring.

Wireless 2 Button Keyfob

2-way Remote Control

The Agility™3  2-way Remote Control is a stylish 8 button keyfob which provides users with a convenient way to control the security system.

The remote control is easy to use with large keys, and is typically used for arming and disarming as well as reviewing the current status of the system.

The 2-way capability enables a reply status to be received on the keyfob on the status indication LED, eradicating all doubt of the action performed and the system’s status.

For increased security the remote control can also be further secured with a 4 digit PIN code.

Compatible with Agility™3 and LightSYS™2.

2-Way Wireless Remote Control

4-Button Zone Keyfob

RISCO’s 4-channel one way keyfob has four buttons that each represent a separate channel that can be programmed to control any zone input response. This feature enables multiple actions including arming and disarming the alarm system or arming and disarming each individual partition with a dedicated button. Another application is the ability to activate different outputs from any button in order to operate home appliances. You can also program a button to send a panic alarm. The keyfobs can be mounted on a key chain or worn as a pendant on the supplied nylon cord.

Wireless-4 Button Panic Keyfob- Transmitter