The iWISE® DT PET is ideal for any type of installation where pets are present, allowing complete freedom of movement for pets with no loss of catch performance.

A specially designed lens – together with RISCO Group’s unique Variable Pet Threshold™ (VPT™) technology and active creep zone – ensure intruder detection together with pet immunity

iWise DT-DT Pet-Quad-Bus PIR detector

iWISE® DT AM Grade 3

iWISE® DT AM detectors are the ultimate motion detectors for professional installations, incorporating both Anti-Mask and Anti-Cloak™ technologies and installed in thousands of locations worldwide.

iWise DT-DT Pet-Quad-Bus PIR detector
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Grade3 Brochure EN-LR

iWISE® Bus DT and QUAD

The iWISE® Bus models are designed for installation as addressable detectors on the RISCO Bus for saving time and money. Each iWISE® Bus detector includes an additional zone input for convenient connection of a contact or any relay detector, saving on wiring back to the panel.

iWise DT-DT Pet-Quad-Bus PIR detector