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Freedom’s Core Technologies

Freedom believes in faster and smarter ways to improve and secure your systems. That’s why we trust in our core technologies which are backed by Hikvision, the worlds leading distributor of surveillance systems.



Deep Learning  

Making security systems intelligent with AI and deep learning based technology.

Low Light Imaging 

Seeing colourful, bright footage in dim lighting with Hikvision’s DarkFighterX technologies.

High Definition and Stable Imaging 

Solving limited resolution and stuttering images with smooth, 4K solutions. 



Thermal Imaging 

Make the invisible radiation visible in the form of heat zones with thermal imaging technologies.

Open Space Monitoring 

Cover a wide area with just one camera by using image stitching technology.

Ease of Installation 

Saving you time and money on cable installation by using one cable.



Storage and Bandwidth 

Solving your storage and bandwidth problemswith H.265+ and Direct Streaming Technologies.

Intrusion Verification as a Service 

Verifying alarms with real-time video.

Video Surveillance as a Service

Hosting video-based security systems.

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