Luminite have been designing and manufacturing PIR detection systems and associated products from its London based factory for 35 years.  We have extensive experience and expertise in the security and home automation markets and constantly strive to bring new innovative products to the security industry.

PIRs are still the most cost-effective, early detection tools for intruder alarm and event-driven CCTV systems.  We have focused on making our PIRs the most reliable and flexible available and even make wireless systems for our competitors.

Our most popular range of detectors is the Genesis collection which comprise both wireless and hard wired detectors.  The Genesis system incorporates transmitters, receivers, IP receivers and repeaters. The aim of Genesis is to provide a rapid, flexible and robust solution for external perimeter sites. Both detection and transmission ranges achieved by Genesis are unrivalled.

The Genesis system also works in conjunction with Boundary Shield – our wireless IR beams.  These are quick and easy to install and are perfect for airport perimeters and other large sites where cabling is not an option.

A large proportion of our business is within the security market, but we use the same technologies in energy management and remote switching applications.  Our EasySwitch range uses wireless technology to remotely open gates, doors, barriers and shutters as well as switch lights on and off. The EasySwitch product range also includes wireless PIR detectors which can work in conjunction with the remote controls.

We have recently made two new additions to our range – the OCULi Wireless PIR Camera and NEXUS – a wireless alert system which can be used for evacuation of sites or as a lockdown system.

We design and manufacture all our ranges in the UK and pride ourselves on keeping the installer at the forefront of all design decisions.