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Their solutions, platform and partnerships with Mobile Network Operators across Europe allow them to provide complete end-to-end connectivity solutions for Security, Fire, Health and other mission critical M2M/IoT applications.

CSL was founded in the UK in 1996 and today, the CSL Group are market leaders in providing M2M and IoT solutions in the Security and Health Sectors with operations in the UK, Ireland, Sweden and the Netherlands. After a successful management buy-out in 2006, the company established itself as a leading provider of dual signalling systems.


CSL pioneered the move from wired to wireless communication in the electronic security and Telehealthcare sectors with the introduction of the multi-network WorldSIM which provides maximum uptime. The company is now the trusted choice to provide the Critical Connectivity for nearly half a million M2M/IoT devices throughout Europe.

The Security range provides simple and reliable alarm signalling for domestic, commercial and retail premises whilst the Health range enables wireless Telecare Services for vulnerable residents.

In addition many manufacturers now choose our WorldSIM for use inside their own M2M/IoT devices.



CSL invented integrated dual signalling back in 1996 and pioneered the move from wired to wireless technology in the electronic security industry. We offer installers a simple and reliable product – powered by the robust Gemini Platform. As the trusted market leader we are chosen to protect nearly half a million premises throughout Europe including many major retail brands.

The DualCom GradeShift Range, the UK’s fastest selling and most used dual signalling system, offers installers a reliable product that is easy to install on a single hardware platform for any grade of risk. It provides multiple signalling paths that embrace all available technologies.


Their single path options – DigiAir, G2r and G3r – eliminate call costs and are the ideal solution where there is no telephone line available.

All products are supplied with the multi-network WorldSIM which uses a patented roaming algorithm to increase signal reliability and reduce false alarms. The WorldSIM is guided by Gemini to automatically select the best network so that fewer line faults are sent to the Alarm Receiving Centre, meaning fewer false alarms for installers and end-users. Our point-to-point IP services eradicate the dependence on hard-wired IT infrastructure whilst our UDL options enable Remote Servicing & Diagnostics (RSD), quicker programming and extended signalling formats.






A single hardware platform for every grade of risk with interchangeable EN Grades


The award winning wireless digital communicator with zero call costs


Upgrade bells-only systems with the smallest radio communicator on the market

Emizon TCD

Upgrade sites to IP in commercial or domestic premises for any grade of risk

CSL Connect

Combining our Critical Connectivity with your chosen alarm panel & an end-user App

CSL Router

Immediate Connectivity for any CCTV installation requirements when broadband is unavailable