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Skegness Town Council

Skegness Town Council Exterior

We have worked alongside Skegness Town Council to provide the greatest technology for their fire and security systems. The design stage was an excellent chance to draw up full designs and specifications that met all the required standards. This process was delivered with great accuracy and efficiency to make sure that our designs were perfect.

We designed, supplied, installed, and commissioned several quality solutions for the client. All of which, installed by our SSAIB Certified Installers to a professional standard. 

Fire Alarm System

Freedom were delighted to be working alongside Brook and Mayo on this project to install an advanced Addressable Fire Alarm System. Our bespoke system was installed with automatic release of the Access Controlled Doors in the event of a fire. We designed this system for ease of use and convenience for staff members and visitors of the council premises to keep them protected against any unprecedented occurrence of a fire. We installed a variety of smoke and heat detectors across the building in compliance with BS5839:1 2017 Category L1.

Intruder Alarm System
Skegness Town Council - Exterior security system

Our professional, fully qualified, SSAIB Certified technicians installed and commissioned a Remotely Monitored Intruder Alarm System with Police Response. We also provided future provision for the system to be linked to specific high value assets to prevent theft and tampering 24/7. This innovative alarm system is the best for deterring unwanted thieves from its high-tech detectors, to its LED Lit Bell Box, we found that this was the best solution that gave the council the tightest security.

Access Control System

We installed a Fully Networked Paxton Net2 System to control the access in and out of the building. This system is accompanied via software loaded onto the customer’s computer which logs who enters the building at what time. This system is also programmed so that in any event of a fire, the doors are automatically released for ease and convenience of occupants inside to escape safely.


Being partnered with Hikvision, we take full advantage of all their advanced recording technology. We installed a modern High Definition IP CCTV System, interfaced with the client’s network for remote viewing. This system offers great flexibility when monitoring the council premises, allowing for direct viewing anytime, anywhere!

Fire Extinguishers
Skegness Town Council - P50 Fire Extinguisher

Freedom provided the premises with the latest technology in fire extinguishing equipment – The P50! This new generation of extinguisher is suitable for all situations and can be used practically on all fires. This cuts the need for two fire extinguishers, relieving the staff members of time spent thinking about which extinguisher to use in the event of a fire. Our Foam Units quickly supresses any fire with ease and helps minimise damage.

Kate Ford from Skegness Town Council said: “I have found the customer service excellent. Enquires have always been dealt with promptly.  Friendly with easy to understand training on how to check the extinguishers.  Would recommend to anyone in need of fire extinguishers.”

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